• How much do I have to Order?
We can sometimes negotiate far lower order levels (M.O.Q. Minimum order quantity) than you can achieve at a show or by direct contact, usually between and pallet and a container. We handle many multi container orders for existing clients. Bear in mind though that we have a minimum fee, so we don’t mind how little you wish to order but you need to decide if the quantity is viable for your business against the costs of the project.

• Set Up Costs
Depending on your product there are often no set up charges as these are taken into account by the factory within the MOQ, however as an example a plastic cup may need a mould which and some decorations may need a die cutting machine mould, the cost of these varies but will be notified and discussed in advance and then included in your initial purchase order from the factory which is not acted upon until you have agreed.
In most case’s the moulds can be used for your follow on orders and factories often refund them after an agreed number of orders.

• How do I Pay the Factory.
We make sure your money is safe you can pay in either US$ or Sterling, you pay us and we forward the payment to the factory giving you the exact exchange rate we achieve, some of our factories require payment in local currency RMB and again we handle this.

• For your security.
Once you are happy with the purchase order we ask you to sign and return it to us with a 30% deposit for your goods, the balance is only payable as your goods are been shipped.
If you wish we can arrange for samples to be sent for approval during the manufacturing process, this way you can see your product before you pay the balance.

• Can I get Credit on purchases in China
The short answer is no, or at least not often and never on the first few orders, Chinese factories use the deposit as your commitment to proceed and trust you to pay the balance after they have invested their time and materials in producing your order.

• How Long will it Take to get my products into the UK
This is totally dependent on the product but you will be given estimates before you sign the purchase order and proceed with the project. If you have a concept project then design and samples will need agreeing before manufacturing can begin. Once everything is ready to go to manufacturing then it usually takes around a month before your goods are ready to ship.

• Can I visit the Factory?
Yes, and you won’t need to this is your choice. In most case’s we can arrange a factory visit although in the early stages using our services should avoid you the expense of visiting China. For factory visits please see our terms and conditions. We can arrange to visit a factory on your behalf if requested or can arrange an accompanied visit to the factory so we can translate and you can see production in progress whilst discussing any concerns, this is chargeable depending on what sort of visit you require. We will also be there with you in China when it comes to choosing off the menu.

• Certification
Some product types require the factory to hold ISO or other certification depending on your industry, if required please let us know and we will ensure and supply copies of all relevant certification.

• Testing.
Many products need to be tested before you can bring them into the UK, in most case’s you will already know the answer to this examples are Toys, Food Contact products and various others. We have a testing company in China who we use on a regular basis, you can use ours or make your own arrangements whichever you prefer and we can guide you on all aspects of this. Any testing charges through our testing company will be agreed with you in advance and you will be invoiced by us, this invoice will need paying before the testing can be done.

• Copy Right, Trademarks and Patents
This is your product and it is your responsibility to ensure your product does not break copy right, Trademarks or Patents. If you are looking to obtain a patent or Trademark we can pint you in the right place as we hold many ourselves and have worked with the same company for many years.

• During Manufacture
During manufacture we can arrange for samples of the production run to be sent to you for your peace of mind and if required we can also arrange an independent audit by SGS or we can visit the factory on your behalf before shipping to make sure everything is in order. These are chargeable services and usually avoidable as we only work with trusted factories and you will have seen samples of your product.

• Shipping! How do I get My Product?
We currently work with 2 shipping companies and will ensure you have a market competitive price and they will handle everything. We will talk you through the shipping process at the time. But so you know what to expect.

1. Insurance - In many cases companies don’t insure their goods in transit but our shipping company can always provide you with a competitive quote, Remember these are your goods at all times and for your security so you may want to insure them. You can usually obtain a shipping quote from your own business insurer too.

2. After your goods are shipped you will receive original shipping documents from the Chinese shipping agent which must be sent to the shipper so they can clear your goods through customs.

3. Most Chinese Ports to most UK ports take around 4 weeks to ship, but it can take a week or so either side on top of this, shipping time can be affected by adverse weather anywhere on route so always allow plenty of time for your project.

4. Shortly before your goods arrive you will receive a Duty and Vat invoice, VAT is always at the current UK rate and Duty varies depending on your product, we can advise you at the beginning of the duty rate. This invoice needs to be paid to the shipper or via us immediately to clear your goods through customs, delays in payment can cause you to get storage charges at the docks.

5. You will also receive an invoice from our shipping partner which is usually due between 7 and 30 days from invoice date.

6. Once your goods have cleared customs usually 2 to 5 days your goods will be booked in with you for delivery.

7. Can I make my own shipping arrangements? Yes they are your goods and we will always work with your shipper if preferred.

8. Can I ship Direct from China to an overseas customer? Yes, if your goods are being sold overseas it could save significant costs if you ship directly to your customer although you should note the shipping documents may well tell your customer which factory you are using, we can advise you on this.

9. VAT VAT is chargeable at the UK standard rate on all our invoices unless your goods are being delivered outside the EU. Vat/Duty rates for goods shipped are applicable again unless your goods are being shipped outside the EU and are deemed an export. You will need to pay the duties and taxes of whichever country your goods are delivered too.